August 29, 2004

Lazy Buffalo - Oderspeicher, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
This should be our first ever live gig as Lazy Buffalo. The band was found in early spring 2004 after the break-up of Old Groove Gang, a local oldie cover band. End of May/early June Thomas on bass joined us and we started to rehearse. Neil Young's music was something we all could live with so it was easy to know what to start with. Unfortunally we had not many chances to rehearse very often 'cause Thomas, Georg and Andre play in other projects and bands, too and summer was vacation time for some of us. But we thought six or seven times was enough practicing - we wanted to keep it "rough" and there's a reason we call the band "lazy" ;-)

Frankfurt's Oderspeicher is the only place in town where's a chance to get a gig as a newcomer (in fact it's almost the only place where you could play at all!) There's a little outdoor stage where we set up on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It was announced we'd start at 3 p.m. but than the strange things started...

First we noticed we hadn't the right cables for the speaker boxes we borrowed from another band, that was the first delay. Then we figured out one of that speakers was broken partly, you couldn't hear the higher notes constantly. We plugged both sides together and now it worked! But the monitors provided by the venue weren't compatible with the rest of the equipment so we decided to play without using them (I know, it's so much harder when you can't hear you singing with all the noise made by the amps!)

With all the delay we started playing at 3.45 p.m. with an audience of about 30 people.

Near the end of our first song my e-string broke. Little bit unusual 'cause although I broke strings all winter long but I learned not to do so during the summer. So for the next song I took Georg's replacement guitar. It was a little out of tune and within one minute of Farmer John the G-string broke so I changed back to my guitar. 'cause the broken e-string it was a little out of tune, too, but at least the five remaining strings were enough for doing the song. But after we finished it we took the time to replace the strings.

Things went a little better then. During the intro of Going Home something happened with a switch inside my guitar so from that moment on I could use one pick-up only. Only thing what happened after that was me swallowing a wasp during last line of Powderfinger's first verse. It has flying around the microphone for a couple of mimutes and then while I was taking a breath it flew inside. So I bit it and that was the end of the wasp's life.

All in all it was a good thing to perform live even when we didn't rehearse as much as we should. Yes, we're lazy. But we like it this way. We wanted to let the music happen as the feeling of the moment and so it was a rough and unedited picture...

01 Mansion On The Hill
02 Farmer John
03 All Along The Watchtower
04 Over And Over
05 Prisoners Of Rock'n'Roll
06 Love And Only Love
07 Going Home
08 Down By The River
09 Hey Hey, My My
10 Powderfinger
11 Like A Hurricane
12 Rockin' In The Free World
13 Cortez The Killer
14 Ohio
15 Southern Man

Georg Pflaum - guitar, vocals
Guido Rieming - drums
Andre Schulz - keyboard, vocals
Thomas Strauch - bass
Johnny Yuma - guitar, vocals

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