March 17, 2005

"St. Patricks's Day at Fidada", Fidada/SMOK, Slubice, Poland
Again I played with Steffen der Lautenschläger. We started after 8, made some breaks to drink (and get drunk eventually) so the gig ended somewhat after midnight...

01 Downtown
02 Buffalo Springfield Again
03 Time Fades Away
04 Pretty Little Maiden (we don't know nothing about the correct title)
05 Dirty Old Town (hey, it was St. Paddy's so we had to do this!)
06 Red Is A Rose (an old Irish, too)

07 Dance, Dance, Dance
08 Barstool Blues
09 Grey Riders
10 Boxcar
11 Homegrown
12 Song X
13 Powderfinger

14 Slowpoke
15 Hey Babe
16 This Note's For You
17 Amber Jean
18 For The Turnstiles
19 Big Green Country

20 Mr. Soul
21 Give Me Strength
22 Heart Of Gold (that was a birthday special at midnight)
23 War Of Man
24 Captain Kennedy
25 The Loner
26 Cinnamon Girl
27 Rockin' In The Free World

28 Downtown

Steffen Wilke - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Johnny Yuma - vocals, guitar, harmonica

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