October 27, 2005

Acoustic Jam at IRF 2005
Old Princeton Landing, Half Moon Bay, CA, USA
That annually show at OPL in Half Moon Bay is to what Neil refers as "the imitators were playing" in the song Sun Green of the Greendale album (also check the official DVD - John Lee's Bar in fact is OPL).
Indeed, the place "was rocking" and the session was wild. No chance to keep track of the setlist, even the order of performances shades in the haze of a great night.

Later Kim and Bill sent me a short video clip of me performing Fuckin' Up solo so at least that song was part of the setlist...
  Fuckin' Up (wmv, 4,923 kb)

Johnny Yuma - guitar, vocals
  ...background vocals by rusties from all over the world
hey, that was really great fun, thank you all!

...thanks to TJ and Chuck for all the technical and logistic work in the background

...and special thanks to Teressa for let me playing her Martin guitar!

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