July 13, 2008

"Bunter Hering 2008"
Holzmarkt, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
Have you ever been to a Lazy Buffalo show?
So you know we love extended jams within the songs and there's rarely one clocking in under seven or eight minutes.
Now think about eight bands each with a tiny timeframe of 30 minutes only, including a small soundcheck.
And then there was a chick asking for an interview, again within those 30 minutes. You can imagine it was a pretty short one, hehe :-)

After that we played a pretty intense set, really short breaks and only the last song had some jam elements in it.
All in all a playing time of 26 minutes with LAOL lasting eight...

01 Get Back On It
02 Mansion On The Hill
03 You Can't See This
04 All Along The Watchtower
05 Love And Only Love

Georg Pflaum - electric guitar, vocals
Guido Rieming - drums
Stefan Stademann - bass guitar, vocals
Johnny Yuma - electric guitar, vocals

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