1960s I was born in South Sweden in a mid-sixties summer. I guess there's no need to know for exact date but maybe it was July? Some years later my family moved to Frankfurt (Oder) in Eastern Germany (yes, that's former GDR) and so did I.
1970s I didn't love going to school 'though I had no problems to reach excellent results there. My first own radio, a tiny old transistor, opened the world of music for my ears. After a short time I started to love rock music and AFN Berlin became my favorite station.
1980s In 1982 I bought my first guitar and in summer 1983 I was able to play for about three hours without repeating any songs. It was cool to hitchhike the Baltic coast and meet lots of wonderful people (and girls, of course!) who gave me a lot of input to start writing own songs about love and freedom and the situation of the country I was locked up in.
As any other East German boy I had to serve in the army. I played in a folk group there but was fired after I got to close to a general's daughter. I lost any left over illusions about the system I lived in during those eighteen months.
I saw Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen for the first time and thought it would become somewhat better. But it didn't. So my own songs went more critical from day to day and I started writing songs for others, mainly punk bands, too.
In 1988 they send me to prison for six months. There was no radios, no instruments but I had some great ideas and friends and family members helped me to get these ideas out so I could finish the songs when I was home in spring of 1989 and 'cause I knew what prison meant there was no fear left anymore to say everything I thought. Same did so many others and you all know what followed - November 9, 1989, we teared down the Berlin wall.
1990s During the early 1990s I hitchhiked through Europe, played sessions and solo gigs in England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungaria, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and of course in Germany. I tried different styles and almost all songs I did were in English now 'though I wrote English songs before. Musically it was a very good time. Visited USA and Canada several times. I was at so many concerts and music festivals I couldn't count. Saw Neil Young and many others, it was very impressive and inspiring for me and for the first time I thought about playing with a band, after all the years as a campfire musician.
2000s April 2003 I went to the monthly Musicians Round Table & Session for the first time. I just arrived and had to go to the loo. At this communicative place I were asked if I could help out in a band for a gig. They'd have none of their two singers and would need an additional guitar that day, too. I replied "Hey, you never heard me sing or play so why you're sure I'm the right one for this?" But it worked. After two rehearsals the Old Groove Gang did that gig in a very tiny place in town.
Bad luck for me it was at the same day I had a good ticket for a Neil Young concert. But in my opinion a word is a word so I gave my ticket away to a close friend who never saw Neil before. (It was the last concert my friend ever has been to but that's another sad story.)
I stayed in that band who played oldies from late sixties to early eighties. Some weeks later they dropped one of their other guitar players and replaced him by another, a decision I couldn't agree with but I had nothing to say about 'cause I was the new guy in band. We did some gigs in and around town and even played at a biker festival where we shared the bill with some others.
Fall same year the singer/guitar player beside me and the bass player left the band. I asked a cousin of mine to join us. He's a very talented keyboard player and plays two other bands, sometimes as guitarist, too. We didn't know where to go with our music so the things got complicated and when the other guitar player (that one who was the replacement months ago only) claimed to be the leader I quit in early 2004. But I promised my cousin and our drummer to play with them when there's a chance.
Meanwhile I started to play acoustic gigs with another friend of mine. We met the first time in mid-eighties and talked about playing some Neil Young songs together but it took us about eighteen years to do so. It's an interesting partnership and we'll perform again occasionally.
The band I left didn't any gigs anymore and even stopped to play together after some rehearsals. So I went back and we started to form a new one with the keyboarder and drummer. We asked the guitarist who was dropped the year before and after we played at Musicians Round Table & Session the second time there was a bass player who completed us.
Now it looks like we could start to perform as Lazy Buffalo in late summer or early fall...
  (guess this will to be continued...)
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