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These Trading Rules are basically for what we do.

The primary rule on trading is NOBODY PROFITS!

Any trading I do is one-for-one. I don't sell or buy music. CDR trading is done to spread the music, not to fill somebody's purse. If you're looking to make money off any music here get off.

  • DAO copies (disc-at-once) only - a live concert with 2-sec-gaps is worthless
  • Never use .mp3 based stuff - that's a piece of crap
  • Avoid no-name CDRs for trading - good stuff needs good stuff
  • Sending CDRs in paper or plastic sleeves instead of jewel cases keeps postage low
  • B&P from outside Germany means same amount of blanks (instead of postage) as for the show
I just started trading by myself so I'd understand if you got nothing to trade - let's do it with B&P ... this works well for burnerless people, too.

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